Pigpen Radio is a social enterprise radio station based in Bristol, England. We are all about positive conscious music. Our eclectic playlist features reggae, funk, hip hop, ska, dub, trip hop, downtempo, afrobeat, swing, jazz, and more … listen in popup player

We are always interested in hearing and supporting new music. Do you have music you would like to share with the world? … send us an email oinkoink@pigpenradio.org

We aim to improve wellbeing with positive music and raise awareness of important issues with conscious music … find out more

Pigpen Radio Crowdfunder

During April 2016 we were crowdfunding to support our future. The good news is we reached our target! Thank you everyone who has pledged and all those who have supported Pigpen over the years. You are amazing!

Here is our Crowdfunder Wall of Fame. Thank you to … Rusty, Ben & Lex, Stephen Bray, Roger Spollin, Redleif, Stu Freeland, Livvy Drake, Dan Hurring, Luke Taplin, Candice, Ken Brown, Domik Ljubic, Jan Prejbisz, Matt Freeland, Amy Gladding, Beth Chilvers, Alice Morton, Le Peg, STiKLBRiK, David Bossert, Laleh Yeganegy, Gus, kstelios, Ali Spollin, Olivia Morton, Ben Moss, Andrew Meadows, Sashs, Becky Gooby, Andy Jackson, Matt Hirst, Duncan Wilson, Annikabocker Glory, Azzer, Rich Fogerty, Shak, Dave Barrow, Jason King, L.Allen, Orly Lascelles, Cyrille Peignot, sophiemason44, Albert Buettner, Stefan Marino, Izzy Hicks, Milly Walton, katmagswall … and thank you also to all those who wished to remain anonymous.

What is crowdfunding you may wonder? It’s a way to raise money, awareness and support for a project. It’s a way of turning ideas into reality with the power of the crowd. You can back an idea with pledges of money and project owners can thank their backers with rewards.

So what’s next? We can now cover our core costs for 3 years and can continue broadcasting positive vibes to the world. Tune in to Pigpen Radio any time any where for positive conscious music. Big up www.internet-radio.com and www.aiso.net our radio and web hosts.

Thank you for your support.

oink x

To submit music for consideration or get in touch to say hello email oinkoink@pigpenradio.org

Pigpen Radio aims to …

  • Improve happiness and wellbeing with positive music
  • Raise awareness of global issues with conscious music
  • Provide a platform for creators to share their works
  • Support alternative and fairer copyright licensing
  • Empower positive change within communities

Pigpen Radio was launched in February 2011 and begun as an experimental offshoot of long running Bristol party Pigpen Social. Over the years Pigpen Radio has grown from strength to strength, continuing to broadcast a quality selection of positive and conscious music to listeners all over the world.

  • 90 hours of music (1400 songs) on the playlist
  • 5 hours of new music (70 songs) added each month
  • 110 listeners average per hour from every region in the world

All music on our playlist is Creative Commons licensed or directly licensed. We do not have licenses from PRS or comparable licence collection organisations. To play your music we require permission from the relevant copyright holders. Please only send us your music if you can provide this permission.