Pigpen Radio is a social enterprise radio station based in Bristol, England. Our eclectic playlist features reggae, funk, hip hop, ska, dub, trip hop, afrobeat, swing, jazz, balkan and more … listen in popup player

We aim to improve wellbeing with positive music and raise awareness of important issues with conscious music … find out more

We are always interested in hearing new music. Do you have music you would like to share with us? … get in touch

There are no upcoming events at the moment. Check back soon for further announcements. Oink!

Send music submission download links to oinkoink@pigpenradio.org
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Pigpen Radio aims to …

  • Improve happiness and wellbeing with positive music
  • Raise awareness of important issues with conscious music
  • Provide a platform for creators to share their works
  • Support alternative and fairer copyright licensing
  • Empower positive change within communities

All music on our playlist is Creative Commons licensed or directly licensed. We do not have licenses from PRS or comparable licence collection organisations. To play your music we require permission from the relevant copyright holders. Please only send us your music if you can provide this permission.